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  • 07:53 - 7 March 2013

Syria's Palestinian refugees twice displaced

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The Syrian tragedy has deepened the Palestinian refugees' suffering, especially that they have been exiled from their home, and then displaced from Syria to Jordan due to the Syrian crisis that has also affected the Palestinian refugee camps.

 The historical irony is that the Palestinian refugees have suffered the bitterness of asylum twice during half a century, facing very difficult humanitarian situation and Arab, Islamic and international betrayal.

 The Jordanian authorities have prevented the entry of Palestinian refugees from Syria to the Jordanian cities which is allowed to the Syrian refugees, for fear that Jordan, which is already the host to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, becomes an alternative homeland, with Jordanian officials stressing the Jordanian inability to shelter the Palestinian refugees.

 New UNRWA report confirmed that the majority of Sriya's Palestinian refugees in Jordan have integrated into the Jordanian society without UNRWA having to meet their basic humanitarian needs.

 However, the number of Syria's Palestinian refugees in Jordan is not exactly known where some expectations and estimates said that about 3448 Palestinian refugees have fled to Jordan but others are talking about larger numbers, especially after targeting the Yarmouk refugee camp.

 Concerning the contradicting figures, the director of the Jordanian Society for the Refugees, Ayman Adakks, stated that the Palestinian refugees in Jordan is concentrated in "Cyber ​​City" housing where they are not allowed to leave it only with Jordanian guarantor for one or two days.

 Adakks did not mention exact numbers of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, but he suggested that the official strict measures have limited the refugees' number in Jordan compared with Lebanon.

 As Syria crisis intensifies, the Jordanian authorities started providing any Palestinian refugee with housing in Cyber City.

 Head of the Quran and Sunnah Association, Zayed Hammad, stated that Cyber City housing is originally a residence for the Asian workers, but it was closed due to its inhuman conditions, where the association restored the housing to receive the Palestinian refugees.

 Hammad pointed out to the difficulties in estimating the Palestinian refugees' number in Jordan due to the melting of a number of Palestinian refugees with their brothers Syrian refugees, adding that number of Syria's Palestinian refugees have entered to Zaatari camp without giving their Palestinian documents so as not to return them in light of the Syrian tragic situations.

 Palestinian refugees complained against the PA neglect to their cause, where representatives of Syria's Palestinian refugees in Jordan accused PA parties of stealing the money and aid sent to them from Palestine.

 Adakks pointed out that humanitarian organizations have provided aid convoys to refugees in known places, however, a number of Palestinian refugees in unknown accommodation suffer shortage of aid supplies.

 Adakks confirmed that UNRWA "offers one dollar per day for each refugee in Cyber City ", and this is certainly not enough in light of their difficult psychological and humanitarian situation.

 Hammad pointed out to the good services provided by relief organizations to refugees. However, he asked about the "reasons for discriminating between Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

 Hammad called for "assisting the Palestinian and Syrian refugee properly until the end of the humanitarian crisis.



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