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  • 13:16 - 3 March 2013

Fourteen Palestinian refugees killed in Syria in the last week (Feb. 23rd –Mar.1st)

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Action groups for Palestinians in Syria stated that  the death toll of Palestinians  in Syria reached 1038 till March 1st ,2013, as fourteen Palestinians were killed in the last week.

The groups stated that refugee camps of Palestinians in Syria suffer from stifling living Crises as in general, the situation is getting worse because of shelling, and suffocating siege imposed on the camps by Syrian forces loyal to the regime.

For example, the Yarmouk, Neirab and Husseiniya camps suffer lack of the necessary life materials such flour and milk due to the tightened siege on the camps, causing crisis of medical materials and basic food.

The camps also were exposed to fierce shelling and bombing by Syrian forces, which used artillery and planes to shell buildings of refugees in the camps.

Furthermore, five Palestinian refugees were lost in the last week in Syria because of barriers and conflict there.

Five other refugees were kidnapped by Syrian forces, which impose suffocating siege on the Palestinian refugee camps.


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