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  • 08:46 - 12 July 2020

Haneyya: Thwarting annexation plan major goal

GAZA, (Drah)-- 

Head of Hama’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya on Saturday said that an effective strategy is needed to achieve the major goal of the current stage in the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation, which is foiling the West Bank annexation plan.

Speaking at the “United Against the Deal of the Century and Annexation” forum, Haneyya said that the annexation plan has unveiled the US-Israel political and ideological alliance which is aimed at undermining the foundations of the Palestinian cause.

Haneyya said that the annexation plan comes as part of the Zionist project which feeds on displacement, Judaization, and settlement expansion.

The Hamas leader affirmed that the Palestinian resistance groups will not hesitate to engage in any battle to protect their lands and people against anything threatening their existence.

Unity is needed now more than ever both on the popular and official level, he stressed.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared that his government would start the annexation of over 30% of the West Bank area in July, but due to disagreements inside the Israeli government and with the US administration, the move has been postponed.


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