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  • 22:18 - 5 June 2020

"PCR: "We will never compromise an inch of historical Palestine

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by the Popular Committees for Refugees (PCR)

On the 53rd anniversary of the Naksa (setback) Day:

"We will never compromise an inch of historical Palestine"

A message to Palestinian people!

On the 53rd anniversary of the Naksa (setback) Day, may 1967, our people and his resistance will remain steadfast in the face of conspiracy and committed to his eternal right of return and the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.Our people will fail all plans and projects aimed to liquidating his cause.

Today, the message of our people is that no peace no surrender, and no stability, unless the Zionist occupation is completely ended, and the independent Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the return of refugees to their homes and lands which they were displaced from.

The path of peace, stability and prosperity can firstly cross through ending the Zionist occupation in whole Palestine, rather than economic alternatives, conferences and deals based on biblical ideas and dreams of the team of Zionists in the Trump administration, to serve the dreams of the followers of the Talmud.

All attempts of expulsion and negligence of our people failed. However, Palestinian people is still steadfast and insisting to restore his freedom, dignity, and prosperity that he deserves.

History proved that colonial and racist agendas will eventually lead to failure. The will of our people will not be broken or chained, and our national rights are non-bargainable for a bunch of money. Hence, our rights are non-negotiable or inalienable.

After 53 years of Naksa (setback), people in West Bank, and Jerusalem, Muslims and Christians, will remain steadfast in the face of aggression and projects of Judaizing, annexation and confiscation. We will never surrender to Trump and Netanyahu administration and their hostile decisions to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity, and to annex the West Bank to the borders of enemy.

A message to our people entrenching on the gates of return!

It's no longer beneficial to call up for the implementation of the rules of the United Nations related to the Palestinian cause. It's because occupation has ignored it all after committing crimes against our people, a long time ago.

Accordingly, we affirm the following:

• It's time to hold occupation accountable for its crimes and violations of all international legislations and decisions.

• We renew call for providing international protection for our people against the daily Zionist terrorism.

• We affirm that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and has its religious, historical and civilizational status and all its Islamic and Christian sanctities are a fixed right of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nation, and there will be no concessions made.

• The resistance is here to stay with all of its means and we reject any infringement of the resistance and its weapons and emphasize on the right of our people to develop the mechanisms and means of resistance.

• We reject all projects and attempts aimed at settling the issue of the refugees and including the attempts to settle them outside Palestine and offering them alternative home projects. We warn against any attempts of infringing the UNRWA as a prelude to ending the refugee issue and to compensate for the damage caused by their displacement and occupation of their land. This right is inherent to the right of return, and is carried out after the implementation of this right, and does not cancel or detract their right of return.

• The Popular Committees for Refugees reaffirms its absolute rejection to all forms of political, cultural, sports, commercial normalization with the Israeli occupation and considers it a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a violation of their rights that encourages the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes and violations against them and their holy sites. We call upon our people to remain committed to the holy land as the first direction of Muslims, until the liberation and freedom is fully restored.

• We call for a large participation in confronting the plans and conspiracies of enemy to Judaize, confiscate or annex the remaining parts of Palestine, over the projects of normalization with the Arab entities.• We call for lifting Gaza siege urgently, and call up on Palestinian people with all his powers and factions to adopt a joint strategy of resistance and struggle as the only way of liberation and return.

Our victory is a promise and our return is a right.

The Popular Committees for Refugees (PCR) Gaza- Palestine

5 May 2020



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