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  • 07:50 - 4 June 2020

Jordan- Indonesian organisations fund JHCO project distributing food parcels to Palestinian refugees

AMMAN, (Drah)— 

The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) on Tuesday completed a project involving the distribution of 533 food parcels in Palestinian refugee camps, which was funded by the Indonesian organisations SPM and NPC through the Indonesian embassy in Amman.

In coordination with the department of Palestinian affairs, the project targetted Al Talbeyyah and Souf camps, where the food parcels were delivered to improvement committees and distributed to refugees' homes according to safety and health regulations, according to a JHCO statement.

The Indonesian organisations played a 'great role' in supporting Palestinians in Jordan through medical, educational and humanitarian projects, the statement noted.

'We consider the strong bond between Jordan and Indonesia one of the important relations that prospers through different humanitarian programmes that reach out to Palestinian refugees, and we are always looking forward to providing and implementing more programmes that meet beneficiaries' needs,' JHCO Secretary General Ayman Al Mufleh said in the statement.

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