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  • 10:11 - 8 May 2020

Gaza based (PCR): Palestinian refugees between two pandemics

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by the Popular Committees for Refugees

(Palestinian refugees between two pandemics)


The Popular Committees for Refugees (PCR) in the Gaza Strip express their deepest concern over the remarks made by the UNRWA's media advisor Adnan Abu Hasna on Wednesday 6th of May, 2020, which possibly warn of a more dangerous ramifications against the refugees during this stage, which witnesses the spread of Cornonavirus pandemic. 

This makes refugees to stuck between two pandemics, the Corona pandemic and the bankruptcy and the elimination of the UNRWA.

The Popular Committees for Refugees warn that taking any steps that might endanger the safety of more than five million Palestinians could necessarily threaten the security and stability of the region. However, it will be considered as a normal result of UNRWA abandoning more than six million refugees who depend on the services and humanitarian assistance provided by UNRWA.

 Frankly, this threatens of a real humanitarian catastrophe that will not be limited to refugees only.

The PCR calls upon UNRWA not to take any harsh measures over its recent financial crisis, because this will affect the backbone of its mission as a work and relief agency. In addition, this will harm the essential services introduced by the UNRWA, such as the health and relief services for the refugees existing across its five areas of operations.

The PCR calls upon UNRWA to work hard for gathering funds from the donor countries, instead.     

The Popular Committees also warn against compromising the salaries of more than 30,000 UNRWA employees, to prevent them from going for a broad mobility that may involve them in a labor dispute that may cause disruption and confusion to UNRWA's work, which will mainly affect the work of the health field, social services and education in addition to about 533 thousand students In more than 700 schools, where refugees are expected to pay difficult prices.

We know like others do, that the reason behind the financial crisis of the UNRWA, is that the donor countries refuse to fulfill its promises for the UNRWA, because of the American and Zionist incitement.

This incitement comes in implementation of the political dimension of the Trump deal that aims to bankrupt and liquidate UNRWA.

 Likely, it is an introduction to write off the refugee issue from the political map.  Hence, we join UNRWA in its appeal to the international community to quickly secure UNRWA's budget of just $ 1.4 billion, which is negligible compared to international spending on much less important issues, and it is a small amount in exchange for ensuring security and stability in this volatile region.

We hope that matters do not reach this level of gravity, and we support the efforts of the new UNRWA Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, to overcome the UNRWA financing crisis.

The Popular Committees for Refugees

Gaza, Palestine

Thursday, 7-5-2020



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