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  • 14:59 - 30 March 2020

Hamas: On the 44th anniversary of the Land Day

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by Hamas's Division of Refugees Affairs

On the 44th anniversary of the Land Day

The 44th anniversary of the Land Day this year is colored with the disaster of the Coronavirus, Great March of Return, challenges of the Deal of the century, the ongoing Israeli siege, and a chased resistance that asserts on the same color. The color of Palestinian blood that will remain in the eyes and memories of the generations, whom are the spark of the revolution and the icon of manhood and sacrifice. From the 1948 occupied lands, to the people of the West Bank and its martyrs, to the land of heroism and martyrs of Gaza. Where the map of the home land is fully painted and mixed with the honor of history and sanctity of geography, since all this is embodied in the spirit of heroism, the value of freedom and the meaning of redemption.

The Palestinian Land Day will remain a title for all the days of Palestine, a title for resistance where no surrender or subservience, a title for the arm that does not fear to fight against the bradawl, a title for the right that can not be vanished neither by tyranny nor denial, a right that cannot be canceled due to the accumulations of years which are burdened with oppression and suffering.Since we are in the Hamas's Division of Refugees Affairs, however, do remember this anniversary, we do not aim to stand on its ruins as much as we aim to charge spirit of its meanings. Meanwhile, we insist to remain on the same way of victory made by the blood of martyrs, regardless if the way is tough or the siege is going harsher. Despite conspiracies, we believe that every way has an end, and every darkness will be followed with ligh,t and every patience will end with relief.

This anniversary comes amid sorrowful Arab conditions, and a regional situation tainted with ambiguity that impose on us, our people, and resistance to declare challenge and act accordingly. However, its simplest requirements are unity, remaining committed to the rights and constants headed by our right to resistance, liberation of the lands and sanctities and the return of refugees. These are steps for self-determination to build our independent state on the whole soil of our homeland, where Jerusalem is the eternal capital of it. A State where all Palestinians live in together in dignity, freedom, justice, and equality for all without any discrimination.

Our Palestinian people, who sacrificed over ahundred years of occupation, and are still, deserves everyone to spend their lives and money for their freedom which is the most precious thing they wish for.

On this anniversary we assert on the following:

1- The path of resistance is the only way for liberating the land and human being, and there is no future for compromise, and occupation has no place to exist, and victory is no longer on the side of aggression.

2- Whoever sows the thorns of occupation reaps the wrath of revenge, and the occupation will understand tomorrow, that our people is free and their resistance is jealous for the blood, so it will never forget or forgive nor leave the perpetrator without punishment.

3- The Land Day is the point of a massive Palestinian consensus by all the Palestinian factions and forces. Let us make his memory today a real reconciliation in the face of the deal of the century that draws from the blood of martyrs the meaning of belonging and adherence to rights and refusal to give up any grain of soil and sanctify the Palestinian and desecrate the occupier and refuse to cooperate or coordinate with him whatever the price is.

4- We call upon the Arab nation, leaders and peoples, to make the cause of Palestine their central issue that melt on its rock all contradictions, differences and narrow interests, because it is the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, and the Holy Blessed Land that united the nation in many times after decades of division, weakness and dispersion.

5- The stability of the region, and even the stability of its surroundings, is related to the stability of Palestine. However, the crimes, provocations, aggressions by occupation against our sons and holy places, and its racist behavior if it does not find a real deterrent and international isolation, it will blow up the region and will be a scourge of international peace in the world.

A salute to the martyrs of the land in its various stages of the Palestinian struggle.

A salute to the wounded of Palestine, especially the wounded of the Great March of Return that started on the Land Day.

A greeting to our heroic families ... A greeting to the people of Palestine and the freedom of the nation and the world .. And the resistance continues until the land is free.

Division of Refugees Affairs- Hamas

Monday, 6 / Shaaban / 1441 AH

30 / March / 2020


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