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  • 22:42 - 24 March 2020

PCR calls on Lorenzini to be a true defender of Palestinian Refugees

Gaza, (Drah)--

A press release by the Popular Committees for Refugees Affairs- Gaza Strip

On the occasion of assigning the new Commissioner-General for UNRWA in Palestine.

The Popular Committees for Refugees Affairs (PCR) is excited to welcome the appointment of Filippo Lorenzini, as the new Commissioner-General for "UNRWA" in Palestine by the United Nations.

The PCR takes this opportunity to assert on the following:

1. We call on Filippo Lorenzini to be a true defender of Palestinian Refugees' rights and dignity, and to play a significant role specially in solving the urgent situations in the area due to the ongoing unjust Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip for 14 years.

2. We call on him to stop reducing services provided to Palestinian refugees in its five operational fields, especially in the besieged Gaza Strip which suffers from crowding, high rates of unemployment and insecurity.

3. We call on him to set an urgent plan for encountering the Corona epidemic across the UNRWA's five fields of operation, In Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and West Bank. In addition to the necessity of delivering all needs of health relief to protect the refugees from the "Covid 19" and poverty too. And also the disbursement of urgent relief food aids to all refugees under these difficult conditions.

4. On this occasion, the Popular Committees for Refugees Affairs (PCR), urges the international community and all donors in the world to respond to the appeal released by the "UNRWA" on Tuesday March 17, to secure $14 million to protect more than 6 million Palestinian refugees from the "Covid-19".

The PCR, also asserts on the significant role of UNRWA in providing aids and relief to Palestinian refugees until their return to their homes which they were displaced from due to Israeli terrorism.

Popular Committees for Refugees Affairs

Gaza Strip- Palestine

Tuesday, 24/3/2020


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