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  • 17:51 - 17 March 2020

A press release by the Popular Committees for Refugees-Gaza

Gaza, (Drah, PCR)--

The Popular Committees for Refugees (PCR) in the Gaza Strip, express its concern over the remarks made by the Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip, Matthias Schmale, in which he said that UNRWA may have to make difficult decisions at the end of next April regarding the provision of its services, if it continues the crisis is what it is.

The PCR calls on the UNRWA for more efforts to cover the Agency's deficit for this year, which is estimated about one billion dollars, out of 1.4 billion, and to ensure that the basic services provided to the refugees are not affected.

The PCR also calls on the UNRWA not to repeat the experience of ending staff services as it did in 2018, and not to pledge the salaries of a segment of employees to a specific donor, but rather to link it to the UNRWA budget in general.

The PCR, however, calls on UNRWA to fulfill its responsibilities towards the refugee camps in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, and to adopt an emergency plan in line with the instructions of the World Health Organization and the Palestinian Ministry of Health, to avoid any cases of "Coronavirus" infection in the overcrowded camps. 

Popular Committees for Refugees - Gaza Strip


Sunday, 3/15/2020


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