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  • 16:34 - 17 March 2020

Mughari: Geagea's call to isolate the camps contradicts our morals and Arabism and violates humanitarian norms

Gaza, (Drah)--

Eyad Mughari, Head of the Refugee Affairs Division in the Hamas movement (Drah), stressed that Samir Geagea’s head of the Lebanese Forces (Christian political party) call to isolate the Palestinian camps in Lebanon under the pretext of "Coronavirus" is a rejected call and not only from our Palestinian people, but also from the brotherly Lebanese people, as it contradicts our morals, humanity and our Arabism, considering it as racist remarks that violates humanitarian and legal norms.

Mughari said in exclusive remarks to the Gaza Post News Website: "The anomalous remarks put Geagea himself in the circle of isolation at the political level as well as on the humanitarian level, because the Palestinians are guests of the Lebanese state".

He added:" It's obligatory for the Lebanese government as well as the United Nations to assume their responsibilities towards refugee camps in light of the spread of this global epidemic, which necessitated the necessity of pushing in favor of adopting a new health mechanism at the entrances of the camps to protect those traveling to and from the camp from the risk of transmitting the infection to the camps, without intimidating or using the epidemic in any abhorrent political accounts.

Mughari, stressed that the presence of refugees in Lebanon and other areas of asylum is a temporary presence, until they return to their cities and villages from which they were displaced, and at the time we express our great thanks to the Lebanese government for this hosting, we hope Safety for all our people, the brotherly Lebanese people, and all our nation.

Mughari called for more embrace and attention to the camps, and not to pay attention to this moral decline expressed by Geagea, "according to him."

Mughari called on the Lebanese government for the necessity to take an action towards the inclusion of camps with an emergency plan to confront the Corona epidemic.

He also called on the UNRWA to assume its responsibilities for the refugee camps and implement an emergency plan in coordination with the Lebanese Ministry of Health to protect them from the epidemic.

At the end of his speech to the Gaza Post News Website, Eyad Mughari, head of the Hamas Refugee Affairs Division (Drah), warned that Geagea's remarks might come in line with the voices seeking to settle the refugee issue, reject them and work to eliminate their cause.


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