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  • 22:41 - 14 March 2020

Hamas slams Geagea’s call for besieging Palestinian camps in Lebanon

BEIRUT, (Drah)-- 

Senior Hamas official Ra’fat Murra has denounced the call made by Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces (Christian political party), to isolate the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon under the pretext of containing the Coronavirus, describing the call as “reprehensible.”

“Such call by Geagea is useless and inconsistent with humanitarian and legal norms,” Murra said in Twitter remarks on Saturday.

“Geagea should have urged the Lebanese government and the UN to assume their responsibilities [towards refugee camps]. We have always warned against ignoring the refugee situation,” the Hamas official said.

On Friday, Geagea called for imposing a siege on the Palestinian camps in Lebanon and preventing their residents from entering or leaving as part of proposals he made to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“We must announce measures against the Palestinian camps and the Syrian presence in Lebanon through closing all camps and refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave them,” the Lebanese politician said.

“I wanted to be clear and frank because we should not use political and diplomatic languages or give preferential treatment these days, given that there are Lebanese who have to be alive,” Geagea added.Geagea made his call although there is no single reported case of Coronavirus among Palestinian refugees inside or outside their camps.


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