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  • 09:56 - 16 February 2013

Efforts to establish support network for Palestinians in Syria

 Gaza, (Alresalah.ps) — A group of Palestinian-Syrian activists in Cairo launched a support network for Palestinian refugee camps in the Diaspora.

The activists are distributed on voluntary groups in various communities in the Palestinian Diaspora.

They work to support steadfastness of the Palestinian refugees in the camps of Syria and gatherings more aids for them. They also work to provide relief aid and necessary medical for the besieged refugees in the camps of Syria.

They will focus also on human and civil issues facing refugees in the countries they exist.

 A delegation of members of the "working group", who are in Cairo, participated in discussions and workshops that took place before the launch of "support network for Palestinian refugee camps in the Diaspora".

The delegation highlighted the latest statistics documented by the group, where the group stated it conducted over 1000 Palestinian martyr in Syria.


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