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  • 09:19 - 16 February 2013

UNRWA registers 25,000 Palestinians from Syria

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- More than 25,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria have approached UNRWA in Lebanon, the agency said Friday.

In its biweekly briefing, the agency said that the highest percentage of Palestinian refugees from Syria were staying in the Sidon area, with 31 percent, followed by 22 percent in the Bekaa, 17 percent in Beirut and 15 percent in both Tyre and Tripoli.

Most of the refugees are staying in or around one of Lebanon’s already overcrowded 12 refugee camps. Separately, UNHCR registered more than 10,000 new Syrian refugees in the past week, bringing the total number of those who have registered or are waiting for registration to more than 283,000.


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