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  • 06:58 - 24 June 2019

A Statement in the World Refugee Day

A Statement in the  World Refugee Day

The issue of being a refugee  in the world is humane and political issue that carries the unjust face of humanity that highlights differences between categories of people, and their rights , and also promotes the acquisition of a specific class of people on the capabilities and benefits of humanity.

The Palestinian refugees on the world refugee day are still  the icon of this issue after 71 years of Nakba, displacement and taking refuge outside their homeland.

The world  Refugee Day comes in the context of a racist conspiracy that aims at liquidation of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, which is Trump's  deal of the century that seeks also to  terminate  UNRWA's work as a service provider for Palestinian refugees.

It also works  to cancel "refugee status" of the Palestinian refugees.

Our message  to Humanity in the world refugee Day:

  1. We declare our full solidarity as Palestinian refugees and as Palestinian people with all refugees all over the world.

2 . We adhere to  our right as Palestinian refugees to return and compensation.

3 . We face all the arrogance and oppression  of Trump's  deal and we will confront it  until it fails.

4. We call for the launch of a humanitarian alliance for the free people to achieve the return for the refugees.

5. We will Continue our human and moral struggle until return and compensation.


Division  of Refugee Affairs

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas

Wednesday 19June 2019


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