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  • 06:47 - 14 February 2013

UNRWA Appeals urgent aid for Palestinian refugees in Syria

Gaza, (DRAH. ps) — UNRWA Appealed for urgent financial aid estimated to 91.2 million $  to  provide  humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees in Syria and palestinians who have fled to Lebanon and Jordan due to the ongoing conflict there.

A statement issued by  UNRWA Tuesday stated that the agency will locate   75.8 million $  to provide urgent  aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria and  13.029  million to support the Palestinian refugees who fled to Lebanon . it will also locates  2.086 million dollars for the displaced palestinians in  Jordan.

The statement added that  3348 Palestinian refugees fled to Jordan and they currently reside in areas in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa areas .

The statement pointed out that the main reason for  flight of Palestinian refugees from Syria is the conflict taking place there in addition to  lack of basic services and food supplies.

The statement estimated budget  of (UNRWA) for 2013 to 560 million $ with deficit of  68 million $.


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