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  • 07:52 - 13 February 2013

Syrian forces kill a Palestinian refugee on a barrier

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—The Palestinian refugee "Ahmed Ali Nouri" , who lives in Daraa refugee Camp, was killed by Syrian regime forces on a barrier they hold on the parties of the camp.

The work group for Palestinian refugees in Syria stated that the camp of Sayeda Zeinab was bombed by Syrian artillery. Fortunately, no casualties were reported but the shelling caused limited damage in the houses.

Just like all, the refugee Camp of Sayeda Zeinab suffers from food shortages and high prices of life necessary materials. People suffer of power cut and lack of communications.

The people of the camp suffer also from lack of drinking water.

In the Yarmouk refugee camp, a state of calm and caution prevailed; amid sever suffering of life necessary materials and difficulties of movement in and outside the camp. A suffocation siege is imposed on the Yarmouk refugee camp for 51 days until now by Syrian forces loyal to the regime.

The regime forces prevent the entry of medical materials, food, fuel and flour to the camp.


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