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  • 12:00 - 2 September 2018

Adwan: America is moving steadily towards the elimination of UNRWA and the issue of refugees

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Chairman of Division of Refugees in Hamas  Issam Adwan said on Friday that the US administ;6ration's decision to cut funding of UNRWA aims to finish the issue of refugees.

Adwan stressed that the new decision will include dismissing more than 1000 employees.

He said: "If she was an employee more than one employee in Gaza since now."

Adwan stressed that US administration's intention is to get other countries to stand with it in this context and stop its assistance to the UNRWA.

Adwan said that America is moving steadily towards the elimination of UNRWA  with the issue of refugees, noting that these news were published in the Israeli media even before they get out to the world.

Adwan said that no one can force the countries to pay donations to UNRWA, and called on the nations of the world especially the Arab countries to stand with UNRWA in this delimma.

 Adwan stressed that the US decision to stop funding UNRWA is wrong and contrary to previous US policies, which previously recognized the issue of refugees and tried to resolve it  within the previous negotiations.

Today, America denies the issue of refugees from the roots, which will have negative repercussions in the Middle East and The whole world

 On the US administration's intention regarding the refugee issue, Adwan said that America is moving steadily towards eliminating UNRWA and the refugee issue.

Adwan accused the US administration of becoming a Zionist more than the Zionists themselves and wants to end some of the files that the negotiations could not finish over the past quarter century.


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