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  • 07:50 - 6 August 2018

Children of Palestinian Refugees Complain on Postponing the school year

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Children of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza strip sent a complain to the UN secretary general on dismissing UNRWA staff and postponing the school year. 


The Gaza Strip

August 6, 2018

Dear Mr. Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations,

A complain by the refugee children of Palestine

Hope this finds you well.  on behalf of the children of Gaza who have been under siege  for twelve years , and in the name of all  children , who live poverty, fear and deprivation,  We express to you the great  pain and anxiety we feel  when we think about being  deprived of going to our schools,  and  deprived of education and  meeting our friends and teachers.

 We have the right to live like the rest of the world’s Children  and enjoy a normal life, feel safe and secure and go to our schools on time.

 We have the right to have a good education in  healthy environment. Do not deprive us of this dream. It is our right to have psychological counselors and medical teams. We suffer from fear and anxiety as a result of the  successive wars and continuous bombing.

Why do you want to deprive us of the psychological support program in which we find  hope to be psychologically healthy ... Why do you want to cut our food assistance? Why do you want to expel our  fathers and mothers  from their jobs  and deprive us  of living a decent life?

 Do not you advocate human rights and the right to live in dignity? ... Where is our  honor when you  deprive us from our right to treatment and education? Where is our dignity when we  live in poverty and deprivation because you expelled our  parents  from their jobs?

Mr. Secretary General,  we are children .. we are appealing to you to open  the school year  on time and not to dismiss  the staff who provide us with health services, psychological and relief .. we beg you not to reduce services until our dream comes true as the   international laws state.

Today we put on our  school uniform and carry our bags waiting for our  school to open. Do not deprive us of the dream of living in dignity. Our  dignity  is priceless.

Children of Palestinian refugees who have been displaced from their land

Children of Palestinian Refugees Complain on Postponing the school year 


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