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  • 07:33 - 4 August 2018

Statement by the Supreme Council of Students’ Parents in UNRWA schools - Gaza Strip

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- UNRWA's decision to dismiss  1,000 of its staff is a clear indication of UNRWA's involvement in punishing Palestinian refugees and disrupting the service provided to the Palestinian refugee whom UNRWA  has been  established for including  service, operation and relief.

As our children prepare to receive the new school year by the end of August, we are surprised by new decisions by Matthias Shamali, who said that the school year will be  postponed  for a whole month.

 We at the Central Council of Parents are very disappointed, And we find ourselves and our children and with us all the staff  UNRWA in front of a new reality that is consistent with what  the Zionist occupation do to  our people in Khan Al-Ahmer, which is  a reality leading to the gradual withdrawal of UNRWA  to assume its responsibilities towards the Palestinian refugees, including its responsibility over implementing   UN Resolution 194 on the return of Palestinian refugees to their lands from which they were expelled.

Hence, we emphasize the following:

  • We support the demands of employees who sit inside UNRWA and we will remain supportive to their cause,  and we confirm our national and public events will continue  until the end and get  all unjust measures against them stopped.
  •  We emphasize the need to start the school year on the time and  with the known school formation 39.4% agreed upon, and we hereby announce that we will open the school year in time and we will send our students and students carrying their bags and notebooks to their schools, protesting inside schools demanding UNRWA to teach them, Like the rest of the world's students, so we will have a sit-in number 270 thousand students in their schools, and UNRWA bears responsibility for this.
  • We call on all governments of the democratic and civilized world to work to end the existing crisis and contribute to the provision of the required funds to ensure the functioning of UNRWA as it was in the past.
  •  In case  of a slowdown in finding solutions to exacerbate the crisis and impose a new fait accompli, we warn of  manipulation or violation of the rights of the Palestinian refugee, because we will be forced to take escalating measures against the administration of UNRWA.
  •  We invite you to participate in the series of sit-ins and peaceful activities organized by the national and Islamic forces, the Popular People's Committees, the National Commission for Return and Breaking the Siege, the Council of Parents and the Union of Arab Officials to address the UNRWA-led plot to liquidate the Palestinian cause and lay off employees.
  • We  Warn the rulers and the godfather Sami Masha'shah from harming any of the employees or threatening them because they cut off their livelihood.
  • We call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Commissioner-General to remove Matthias Shamali from his post as Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip, since he assumed the position of Director of UNRWA Operations in the Gaza Strip.
  •  We demand that senior Arab officials wrap themselves up and increase the cohesion between them and those who are threatened with dismissal and defend the rights and entitlements of refugees.

Central Council of Parents - Gaza






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