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  • 11:18 - 31 July 2018

The return of the Jews or the return of the Palestinians

 By Yousef Hijazi

 How can the human mind accept the myth of the return of the Jews to the Promised Land after more than three thousand years,  and do not accept the idea of the  ​​return of  the Palestinians after 70 years of forced expulsion from Palestine, especially in the light of the fact that  the Palestinians are the owners of the land under recognition of the United Nations, in accordance with United Nations Resolution 181 (Partition and Economic Union) which was issued on 29 November 1947, and states on the establishment of a Jewish State beside the establishment of a Palestinian State, and  the establishment of an economic union between the two States.

In addition to the  United Nations General Assembly resolution11 in 1947, which included the legal basis for the rights of refugees to return, to recover their property and to compensation, and to put a dynamic solution that guarantees equal rights.

In fact, it’s  painful conditions for the Palestinian people, in addition to hundreds of other resolutions, especially since the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 3379 on 10 November 1975, in which the United Nations recognizes that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.

 in addition to the fact that the Torah, which claims the state of the Zionist entity, derives its legitimacy from recapturing it. It says in Genesis 15-18: "For your offspring  I shall give this land from the river of Egypt to the great river."

Here we have to ask the following questions:

Are the offspring of Abraham the descendants of the womb, not of faith?

Is the offspring of Abraham  relating  to the offspring of Isaac and not on the descendants of Ishmael?

The Jews, who claim that they derive the legitimacy of reclaiming them if they were alive today, could not have been considered Jews, according to the words of the priest Nehemiah the son of Halkalia and the writer Ezra at the time of the Babylonian captivity. The laws of apartheid, which consider the Jew to be a Jewish mother and grandmother Jewish mother, to preserve the purity of blood, and to prevent any integration of Jews to others, and analogy to this is not Saul bin Qais (Talot in Arab sources) Jewish because his mother Canaanite, David is not a Jew because his grandmother To his father Ruth Moabit, and Solomon is not a Jew

When and how did the Jewish people invent themselves?

The question is the title of when and how the Jewish people invented the Jewish historian Shlomo Zand, a professor of history at Tel Aviv University.

This also raises the following question:

Were the Jews as a national nation of common ethnic origin?

 I will leave the answer to these questions to the Jewish historians, the Jewish Hungarian historian Atlath Barthe, who says it is wrong to imagine that the Jews of today are the people of Moses, but they were muzzled by the Turks, who had a state on the banks of the Caspian Sea, In 1741, the Khakan Bolan converted to Judaism and his people, but due to disagreements with Tsarist Russia, commercial competition, ideological differences, and the attempt to assassinate the tsar, the Russians destroyed the kingdom of Khazars. The Khazars fled and spread in Eastern and Western Europe. , Asserts scientists The remaining 8% of the so-called Jews are descended from the ancient nomadic pagan population of Asia and Africa, and the Mediterranean basin, which converted to Jehovah's worship before the Khazars turned from worshiping the man's penis to the worship of Jehovah,

The Jews of the State of Israel are not descendants of Israel (Jacob) nor do they have any historical or cultural connection with Palestine, and what is happening today is the creation of a historical, biological and anthropological link between the Jews of Europe and the ancient Hebrew tribes, Despite the facts that confirm that there is no close membership or blood between the Zionists and the people of Europe and the ancient Hebrews is a historical crime, in which Zand says that today's Jews have no membership or blood connection with the ancient Hebrew tribes, but a combination of different groups Adopted the Jewish religion, b Without realizing the right of return for the Palestinians, the conflict will not end. It also calls for a modern civil state that is committed to human values ​​and democracy, a state for all its citizens, and not limited to Jews alone. Thus, we see that Zand undermines the most important foundations of the Jewish state and its rights, and proves that it is a state based on unfounded, and built an architecture on the sand without any reasonable grounds or acceptable. Finally, how can the human mind accept the return of those who have no historical, civilizational or social ties or blood ties to Palestine and the ancient Jewish tribes, deny the right of return to a people expelled from their land by force only 70 years ago, and history proves that the oldest presence in a land is The Canaanite presence in the land of Canaan (Palestine), which goes back more than nine thousand years, and continuously, and never stopped, and the largest witness of history the history of the city of Jericho, the oldest city in the world, and the feverish activity led by explorers were carrying the Torah In the hands and shovels in the other hand, but despite this The Bible, whose sources of funding were predominantly Biblical, had led to the opposite of the desired goal. The biblical episodes began one after the other from the field of history to the field of religious literature. This was what the Jewish archaeologist Dr. Finkelstein called for the liberation of science The effects of the biblical text at a seminar held by Ben Gurion University in 1998, which deals with the origins of Israel, confirms the contradiction between Israel's archeology and Israel's Torah, and places us in front of two entirely different communities, despite their participation in the same geographical location. Ratia is no more than a fictional literary innovation, and

 Does not give him the status of realism being a realistic geographical theater, as does not give the realism of the stories of the Thousand and One Nights, and the stories of Kalila and Dimna, being conducted in a realistic theater.


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