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  • 09:51 - 29 July 2018

DRAH: Dismissing staff is the first step to dismantle UNRWA

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Division of  Refugee Affairs of Hamas stated on Wednesday that dismissing UNRWA and its staff is a simple decision from all aspects of humanity.

The statement followed dismissing  UNRWA staff  in the Gaza Strip,  where a number of its employees where dismissed as UNRWA claims that it has no budget to cover the expenses and salaries.

DRAH said that the decision of UNRWA  to lay off staff was a first step towards reducing and dismantling UNRWA as part of an international plan led by the United States that stopped funding for UNRWA and created the crisis.

The statement pointed out that the Union of Arab employees in its attempt to overcome the crisis, has made offers to support UNRWA and provided  about two million dollars , which is five times bigger  than the savings sought by UNRWA which is  four hundred thousand dollars only. "

UNRWA willingness to pay huge sums as salaries  to the dismissed was the first to provide and keep their work, which means that the crisis is not financial, not in the absence of possible solutions, but in the management of despotism implements international agendas illegal and inhuman."

 DRAH called upon the affected employees to continue their peaceful struggle and to continue their activities until restoration of their rights.

 It  stressed the unity of the Palestinian position, which rejected the unjustified procedures of the UNRWA administration, because they did not affect the staff only, but affected the entire refugee issue.

The statement demanded PA  to activate its official tools to refute decision of UNRWA.


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