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  • 20:11 - 23 July 2018

Guards of UNRWA's Director in Gaza throw stun grenades at Refugee Demonstrators

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—One of the Gaurds of UNRWA’s operations director  in the Gaza  Matthias  Strip threw stun  grenade on  a number of peaceful demonstrators who  protested against UNRWA’s  decision to dismiss hundreds of employees, which comes amid policy of cuts adopted  recently by UNRWA on Monday.

A sit-in was called for by employees to protest against UNRWA’s policy.

The chairman of UNREWA’s employees union Amir Meshal “ we heard two loud explosions during the sit-in in front of the office of UNRWA’s director, we immediately know that a guard of Mathyas threw stun grenades at the protestors.

We contacted the security services in Gaza and demanded an urgent investigation into the serious attack by the security of UNRWA director.

"We ask the Commissioner-General of UNRWA to cut his travel abroad and to come immediately to Gaza to solve this serious problem, which did not occur at all in any building holding  the flag of UNRWA before that."


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