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  • 10:55 - 3 July 2018

UNRWA staff union calls for protest on Wednesday

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- UNRWA employees’ union in Gaza called on emergency workers who are threatened with dismiss and the unassigned teachers to protest the new UNRWA’s deduction of services before UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza on Wednesday.

 In a statement on Monday, the union reiterated their refusal of the deduction decision and affirmed supporting the massive sit-ins and events protesting the unfair resolution.

 The union condemned the UNRWA’s abandoning all of the agreements and pledges signed with the employees’ union and ending the partnership with the union through halting the emergency program and putting the employment security of over one thousand workers at risk.

 The union also strongly denounced the fact that there are over 500 teachers who are still unassigned in 2018.


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