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  • 07:43 - 26 June 2018

Adwan: The Solution to UNRWA's Financial Crisis Initiates by Palestinian Refugees

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--  Chairman of Division of Refugees Affairs, Dr. EIssam Adwan,  said that there are no hope  in the foreseeable future to predict that the UNRWA financial crisis will see a better situation in the coming years.

Adwan statement came during a radio interview on Sunday 24 June,  to Radio Al-Rai in Gaza.

 Adwan attributed this to several reasons, most notably that the budget paid by the United States was the largest share  among all donors as  Washington paid 22-25%  Of the UNRWA budget; and this share has been suspended now causing a  real budget deficit.

"We have always called on the United Nations to allocate a special budget to UNRWA, but the latter can not, because UNRWA's budget alone is equivalent to the sum of several international organizations of the United Nations; therefore, it will be a heavy burden on the United Nations, Adwan added.

Adwan explained that there is a clear international plan, which was expressed under the so-called "Deal of the Century" aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause and eliminating the most important pillars, namely, the Palestinian refugee issue, of which UNRWA is the most important witness, and therefore it is not expected that the world will support This witness to keep the refugee case alive.

Adwan added that "Israel" carries out directed and organized propaganda through its lobbies and allies in the world in order to  tarnish  the reputation of "UNRWA" on the one hand, and aims to turn the facts on the other hand by exporting false accounts that the Palestinian people no longer need the work of "UNRWA" and Arab collusion Which, before passing all these plans, I do not think is ready to support this institution.

He continued that another important point  which is talking about the need to mobilize public opinion to face the scheme of liquidation of "UNRWA", under this item.

 Adwan  stated that Palestinian cannot rely on much hope to address the crises by " UNRWA "in the next phase, especially that the Palestinian people did not As refugees, when UNRWA decides, for example, to cut down one of its programs, such as food parcels, or to lay off staff; we find no one to cut off their livelihoods and their aid or those who have been demobilized in protest against UNRWA ".

Therefore, our reliance on local mobility cannot be limited. It alone is unable to impose its agenda on the international community. If this point is not addressed, we will certainly witness drastic cuts in the services provided by UNRWA. "

Adwan explained that  "Arabization of UNRWA can not be an appropriate alternative, nor is it a guarantee, If Arab countries offer assistance to UNRWA, there is no guarantee that it will continue. The Palestinian people will be able to move effectively and in all fields. This alone will force the world to comply with the Palestinian will and the continued support of UNRWA. In order to achieve this, the Palestinian ranks must be united in this position. not The Palestinian community is limited to strengthening UNRWA's status and continuing its work and pressure to continue its services to Palestinian refugees.


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