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  • 06:04 - 23 June 2018

DRAH Calls on UN to support Right of Palestinian Refugees to Return to their Homeland

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--The issue of Palestinian refugees is the largest and oldest refugee issue in the world. This issue appeared when the Israeli occupation deported  two thirds of the Palestinian people in 1948 (960 thousand people). The total number of Palestinian refugees today is about 14,383,500 where 70% (10,068,450) of whom are prevented by the Israeli occupation  from reaching their towns, villages and properties.  The number of the refugees registered in UNRWA is about 6 million only, and these refugees locate in the  UNRWA's five operational areas: the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, where more than 4 million other unregistered  refugees live in Jordan and other countries.

In 1948, The UN General Assembly issued Resolution 194 that calls for the return and compensation of Palestinian refugees. The Israeli occupation refused to implement all international resolutions relating to the return of these refugees and still prevents them  to  return.

As a result, thousands of refugees headed to the borders of their occupied lands within what is called “ The Great Return March”, which began on March 30, 2018 and continues till now.

The Palestinian Refugees established five return camps on the separation fence at borders with  their occupied territories in a continued  peaceful sit-in.

The Israeli occupation forces used  utmost violence and state terrorism to suppress the refugees sit-in, using live ammunition and killing men, women , children and medics.

The international community has not been able to provide protection to the defenseless Palestinian people, who have been suffering from Israeli terrorism since  70 years.

Palestinian refugees live in and around Palestine, in 61 refugee camps that are supervised by UNRWA, where half of the UNRWA-registered refugees reside in these camps.

 UNRWA has been suffering  from a major financial crisis caused by the US administration that  stopped  its financial share provided to  UNRWA aiming  to liquidate UNRWA and settle the issue of Palestinian refugees in accordance with  the agenda of the Israeli occupation, that  has expelled them and in the same time  it seeks to be away from any legal or moral obligations towards them.

On World Refugee Day, the whole world must get out of its silence towards the injustice caused by the Israeli occupation against  the Palestinian people,  which caused great tension in the Middle East and aggravated  displacement and poverty among millions of Palestinians.

Solidarity with Palestinian refugees is an expression of respect for humanity, the principles of justice and international law.


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