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  • 13:59 - 27 May 2018

Israeli occupation to demolish 20 Palestinian homes in Jordan Valley

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The Israeli occupation forces threatened on Sunday to demolish 20 Palestinian homes within a period of 60 days in the village of al-Aqaba, to the east of Tubas, in the Jordan Valley region, in the occupied West Bank.

 Head of the Aqaba Village Council, Sami Sadeq, said that Israeli army handed notices to the Palestinian locals informing them that the 20 homes, currently uninhabited, would be demolished in 60 days allegedly for lacking construction permits.

 Sadeq added that the homes slated for demolition have valid construction permits issued by the Construction and Organization Committee of the village.

 The village is located within Area C, the more than 60 percent of the occupied West Bank land under full Israeli military control.

 Palestinians in the area are not allowed to build on their own private lands without nearly impossible-to-obtain Israeli-issued building permits.

 Every year, Israeli occupation forces demolish dozens of residential and non-residential buildings in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the Jordan Valley region, on the grounds of lacking a construction permit.


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