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  • 10:14 - 7 April 2018

10 Gazans killed, hundreds injured in 2nd Friday of Return

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--The Israeli occupation forces in the past few days have sent dozens of threats to the Gazan people, in an attempt to terrorize them and dissuade them from participating in Friday's mass demonstrations, warning to kill more protesters.

At least 10 Palestinians were killed, including a journalist and two children, and over 1354 injured by Israeli gunfire on the 2nd Friday of Gaza's Great March of Return, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

thousands of Palestinians since the early morning hours marched along Gaza's eastern border to participate in the "Friday of Tires" protests. They added that dozens of tires were set on fire by Palestinian youths to create a smokescreen that would block the view of Israeli snipers stationed behind the border fence to shoot the unarmed protesters. Hamas's spokesman Hazem Qasem said in Facebook statements that the Israeli threats will not succeed in intimidating the Palestinian people who are exercising their right to struggle against occupation, blockade and schemes aimed it liquidating their just cause.


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