UNRWA students rally against US cuts

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--Thousands of UNRWA employees and school students participated in a massive rally held on Tuesday in Khan Younis, south of Gaza, to protest the recent US decision to shrink its financial support for the refugee agency.

 Amir al-Mis’haal, head of the union of the UNRWA Arab employees in Gaza, said in press remarks that this protest was the second event that was held to condemn the US reduction of funding for the UNRWA.

 “This rally has taken place to send a message to the whole world that these students present here today and others in all areas of the agency’s work are entitled to receive their education freely and with dignity like the rest of the world’s children,” Mis’haal stated.

 He stressed that the US step towards UNRWA would affect the educational, health and social services it provides for millions of Palestinian refugees in all areas of its operations.

 He also called on the US administration to revoke its decision in this regard and maintain its international role for the regional security and stability.


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