• 10:49 - 7 December 2017

Haniyeh: US move denounced, we will launch new intifada

Gaza,(Alresalah.PS)—Speaker of Hamas  political bureau Ismail Haniyeh said on Thursday that Palestinian people will launch a Palestinian uprising, which will begin on Friday,  in response to the decision of US  to recognize  Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel.

" This would be  the tomb of the settlement process,  and  no deal of century will pass” Haniyeh said.

In a speech on Thursday  Haniyeh stated that this recognition initiate  a new political stage in the region, where  the Palestinian issue is at a dangerous historic juncture, in the light of the new  "satanic alliance" between US and Israeli occupation.

He called on the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem to mobilize in escalate struggle against the  Zionist enemy, stressing  that Hamas' weapon is directed only towards the occupation.

He added that this unjust decision coincides with the anniversary of the uprising of stones in 1987,  and our people can confront these conspiracies.

He stressed that the  Islamic Arab Jerusalem is always the starting point of revolutions, confirming that Hamas will never recognize Israeli occupation on Palestine land.

"The Palestinian Authority leadership must have national courage and declare its disintegration of the unjust Oslo agreement," Haniyeh said.

 He called on PA  to accelerate the steps of reconciliation and lift sanctions on the Gaza Strip, stop security coordination with Israeli  in the West Bank .

He stressed the necessity of holding a meeting of the Palestinian factions and form a temporary framework of the PLO to discuss the developments in Jerusalem, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to take  serious moves  for the holy city of Jerusalem.


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