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  • 11:29 - 29 November 2017

Resolution of the partition of Palestine 181

By Essam Adwan 

Within the framework of the international conspiracy against Palestine, which was planned by Britain in cooperation with the United Nations that were established after the world war 2,  the resolution 181 to divide Palestine was made.

 The Arabs believed that the new international organization would treat them, so they demanded at the Bludan Conference in 1946 to raise the issue of Palestine's independence to the United Nations. But Britain linked this demand to the fate of the displaced Jews in Europe as a result of the war. This was one of the results of the UN-created UNSCUB committee to discuss the future of Palestine in the light of the displacement of Jews in Europe.

The majority in this committee proposed the partition of Palestine, so  Resolution of 181 was made on 29 November 2017, where the United States and the Zionist lobby put pressures on five countries to change their position of  rejecting the division, so the resolution was finally made.  Britain has abstained from voting, but it has committed itself to implementing the resolution after it was issued. It was able to refrain from implementing it because of the Arabs' rejection of it. The resolution will only be achieved with the consent of the Arabs, but Britain again canceled  the right of Palestine when it committed itself to implementing the partition and announced the end of its false mandate  on May 15, 1948.

 But why did Arabs and Palestinians reject the partition resolution ?

 The resolution of partition made up a Jewish state (56.47%) of Palestine and an Arab state (42.88% of Palestine), where  Jerusalem would be under international trusteeship with an area of 0.65% of Palestine, and an economic union of the three territories mentioned above.

 The economic union is governed by a council of 9 members, of which 3 are international, 3 are Jewish and 3 are Arab. Its decisions are taken by a two-thirds majority. This means that all of Palestine's economy will be in the hands of a colonialist majority including , Mail, lightning, telephone, customs, taxes, currency, natural reserves, natural resources, water and electricity lines ..etc.

 The Board of Trustees of the Jerusalem Administration is composed of an international governor appointed by the United Nations, assisted by an Arab and a Jewish members from Jerusalem. Its decisions are taken by a two-thirds majority and thus the Jews control Jerusalem. It also establishes Jerusalem as an immigration council to consider applications for immigration to Jerusalem. It consists of a very similar structure. Its decisions are taken by a two-thirds majority. Thus, the Jews can introduce new immigrants and ensure numerical superiority and control of Jerusalem.

 If we know that there were 100,000 Jews and 105,000 Arabs in Jerusalem, if the Immigration Council permits the reception of 100,000 Jews, the majority of Jerusalem's population will be Jewish, and the constitution that suits them will be established, and then there will be no Arab presence in Jerusalem.

The text of the resolution includes the inclusion of a text in the constitution of both the Arab and Jewish states that prohibits the control of the lands of others for the public benefit. This means legitimizing Jewish control of Arab lands in the Jewish state, which is about 90%. Railways, universities, hospitals and others, and the owner of the land only to appeal before the Jewish courts, which provides a financial compensation as far as it sees fit,  and the claimer has no other solution. While the Jewish lands in the Arab state do not exceed 100 thousand acres only and therefore there is no room for even the exchange or pressure.

There is no universal sanctity in the Jewish state, but all are located in the Arab state, such as the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth. The Jews claim that the graves of the prophets in the Ibrahimi Mosque belong to them, the Arab state must secure their access to them, and the Jerusalem Governor intervenes in such a way as to authorize the Arab state to ensure that the Jews reach their "holy sites".

In general, the decision to divide Palestine leads to the Judaization of Palestine and Jerusalem, and the Arabs will become a numerical majority, but marginal, with no sanctities, no economy, no influence on making  decisions. So, What kind of interest the Arabs would gain  in accepting it  ?!

 The Arab states waged 1948 war to prevent partition, but they came out of it to implement it by signing the Lausanne Protocol on May 11, 1949, which called for "the settlement of the dispute on the basis of division and the internationalization of Jerusalem." This means the handover of Jerusalem from Arab Jordan hands to the international hands voluntarily to be followed Judaization of Jerusalem as mentioned above.

The Palestinian people struggled for forty years before the PLO leadership declared its acceptance of the partition resolution as the basis for declaring the independent Palestinian state on November 15, 1988. The Palestinian people's sacrifices, exaggerated by the Palestinian land and its sanctities, were denied by the inevitable result of the refugees' right to return. That catastrophe surpassed the catastrophe of 1948.

 The resolution  of  Palestine’s  partition is invalid and illegitimate, and it has not been implemented, so why should some of us accept it, and why should not we fall it ?!


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