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  • 09:21 - 18 November 2017

In the resistance ... Independence or self-rule

By Dr. Essam Adwan

On 15 November 1988, during the 19th session of the Palestinian National Council held in Algiers,  Yasser Arafat announced, "The establishment of a Palestinian state on our Palestinian land with Jerusalem as its capital".

Twenty-nine years later, we find that the Palestinian state, as the concept of statehood means, has not been established yet, neither in its Palestinian land nor in any other place. Al-Quds Al-Sharif did not  become the capital of the State of Palestine on the ground, and the Palestinian Authority cannot carry out any official work or open any official institutions in  the city of Jerusalem.

On the other hand, the Oslo agreement signed by the PLO leadership did not refer to the State of Palestine, nor did it refer to Jerusalem as its capital. The Oslo Accords stipulated "the establishment of the Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority" and considered Jerusalem as a final status issue to be decided upon in final status negotiations.

These two facts above mean the following:

1. The Palestinian state has not yet been established, independence has not been achieved, and neither Palestine nor part of it has been liberated.

2. The peace negotiations since the 1991 Madrid Conference until the moment (26 years) did not result in the creation of a Palestinian state, but rather resulted in the "self-governing authority of the transitional Palestinian self," which has not developed for more than 24 years.

3 - There is a state of tingling emotions exercised by the leadership of the PLO to the right of the Palestinian people, to justify the continuation of its existence, to appear as if it had done something to the issue that topped them. In fact, to obliterate the fact that it failed to lead its people towards the liberation of Palestine, it circulates  it as independence and the establishment of a Palestinian state, while Palestine remained occupied.

4. Opponents of the Oslo Agreement said that, out of the 54 autonomous regions in the world, none have evolved into a state, and therefore it is not true that Palestinian self-rule (the PA) can evolve into a state. This  vision of the Oslo Accords has been proved along  24 years since Oslo Accords.

5. The continuation of the leadership of the PLO and the leadership of the Palestinian Authority in making the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence a ceremonial celebration by making it an official holiday is only a continuation of misleading the Palestinian people and persuading them to achieve a delusion, such as "waving a hungry man with bread and telling him to laugh."

6 - Every Palestinian leader, every intellectual, academic  must be honest with  his people, and not to deceive people, and tell the bitter truth. Because if we do not admit the mistake, we will not follow the path. Our belief that we are right makes us content with reality and we do not seek to rectify the error. The Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority will not allow us to develop into a state, and we will be able to succeed behind a mirage, .also,  Palestinian autonomy will not develop into a state, and calling it a "state" will not change the reality.

7 - Some of the manifestations we live in, absolutely deny that we are in a state or we are independent, including: control of the crossings, giving the national number, the currency, granting the President of the Authority and his government the right to move between the provinces of "homeland," the right to establish a port and airport without Israeli or international interference,  the right to enter large numbers of Palestinians abroad to the areas of power, to prevent (Israel) from controlling the mail and telephone and frequency band and the conduct of unmanned aircraft in the skies of the "State of Palestine", or the management of military boats in the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip, To exploit the natural wealth of Palestine’s gas, oil and Dead Sea salts, and to stop  Israel’s  piracy on these riches, the formation of a "state of Palestine" army and arming it with the latest weapons..etc.

We are confident of God’s triumph to us,  and that the day of the true independence of Palestine is coming very soon, God willing, with the help of the hands and arms of the brave Palestinian resistance and the unity of our people to defeat the occupation and achieve independence. .


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