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  • 11:51 - 31 October 2017

It is time for Britain to apologize on Balfour Declaration

Press release

It is time for Britain to apologize on Balfour Declaration

One hundred years of injustice, colonization, killing, displacement against our Palestinian people and the sanctities of Muslims and Christians in Palestine was inaugurated by British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour through his disastrous statement on November 2, 1917, during the British army's occupation of Palestine during the First World War.

As a result, Palestine came under  British colonialism, which exploited  the country and its capabilities and people with the most barbaric and racist ways, and Britain put Palestine to empower the Zionist Jews, and marginalized the Arab, Muslim and Christian people of Palestine.

Division Refugees of Hamas Affairs in  this terrible anniversary confirms the following:

1. The Palestinian Arab people used to live in a safe and secure country and enjoyed a high level of scientific and professional progress until Britain colonized Palestine. The situation deteriorated, and ignorance, murder, poverty and cultural backwardness spread with full will and prior planning of British colonization.

2. British colonialism targeted the Palestinian people in a deliberate way. The period of British colonization of Palestine and its result in a hundred years led to the killing of more than one hundred thousand Palestinians and the displacement of thousands of Palestinians. In its report in 1930, the Johns Hopkins Committee confirmed that 29% of Palestinian people become without land, housing or work. This was repeated in the 1930s, during the Great Revolution and in the 1940s, as well as the forced displacement carried out by the Jewish gangs between 1947 and 1948, which led to the displacement of some  560,000 Palestinians from their lands before the official end of the so-called British Mandate.

3 - British  colonialism targeted the Palestinian land. It  presented proposals and projects for the partition of Palestine since the Royal Commission in 1937, the Woodhide Committee in 1938, the Anglo-American Committee in 1946 and Morrison in 1946. The British partition resolution 181 was adopted by Britain. The British people refused to recognize it, and then Britain recognized the state of the Zionist entity on the borders of the occupation in 1948, and demanded that the Arabs to respect these borders and recognize them through UN Security Council Resolution 242, which was  drafted by Britain, to confirm that with the division of Palestine at all times and for the benefit of the Zionist Jews.

4 - British colonialism targeted the fortunes and resources of Palestine, and exploited the land planted by wheat to support Britain during the Second World War, and exploited the dead sea with the wealth of minerals and ports, and encouraged the Jews to exploit these resources, and  provided  them with a formal cover. As a result,  the Zionist occupation Has completed the looting of the wealth of Palestine and the exploitation of its capabilities. The question now  is: How did the Zionist occupation provide a high standard of living, research centers, factories and military bases without the resources of Palestine that was looted?

The effects of British colonialism on Palestine are catastrophic , and  Britain and its successive governments bear the legal, political and moral responsibility for all the damage inflicted on the Palestinian people within a hundred years. A criminal must not escape punishment.

6. Britain's apology for its great crime against the Palestinian people is a duty, which is the appropriate way to begin steps that would take into account the Palestinian people and their material and political rights.

7 - We call for the formation of an international body to pursue Britain politically, legally and in  media to commit it  to apologize for the Balfour Declaration and its consequences.




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