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  • 11:31 - 30 October 2017

Al-Mezan Center calls on int’l community to revoke Balfour declaration

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)-- Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights said that the Balfour declaration has no legal or political basis, calling on Britain to redress its historic mistake, which “displaced the Palestinian people, led to continued shedding of their blood and violated their right to their land.”

 “Though it sounds British, the promise (Balfour declaration) was supported by many countries at the time,” Isam Younis, director of the center, told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

 Younis held the international community legally and morally responsible for the Palestinian people’s displacement and everything they have been suffering since the Nakba (catastrophe).

 He emphasized that Britain and the international community insists on ignoring the Palestinian people’s rights and refusing to revoke the illegal Balfour declaration.

 “Obviously, Britain still insists on not correcting the historic mistake it had committed against the Palestinians and this is apparent from the remarks of its politicians, who reflect the level of rudeness they have descended to towards the rightful owners of the land,” he added.


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