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  • 13:12 - 13 September 2017

Some 4000 students denied education as schools closed in Jerusalem

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Jerusalem's Directorate of Education on Tuesday held the Israeli authorities responsible for depriving 4,000 Palestinian students of education due to the closure of Dar al-Marefa schools in the city.

 In a statement on Tuesday, the Directorate said that it is working, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to send the students to other schools in the area, stressing that the Israeli decision providing for the closure of the schools is based on flimsy arguments.

 The Directorate affirmed that it is doing its best to re-open Dar al-Marefa schools though the buildings' owners have received threats not to violate the Israeli authorities' decision.

 It was greed with a number of schools to host the students of Dar al-Marefa temporarily, the Directorate added, assuring the students that they will be compensated for the days they have missed at school.


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