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  • 15:00 - 23 August 2017

Statement by Division of Refugee Affairs in Hamas on the closure of Qalqilya hospital

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)--A few days ago, UNRWA closed the only hospital in the West Bank that serves  thousands of Palestinian refugees in Qalqilya. we in division of refugee affairs in Hamas emphasize the following:

 1-      UNRWA was established for the relief and employment of Palestinian refugees until they return, and it has to provide  the necessary health care for refugees.

2-       UNRWA must continue to provide health, education and relief services and stop creating unacceptable excuses to evade this essential role of UNRWA.

3-       We look with suspicion at the reasons stated by UNRWA for the closure of Qalqilya Hospital. No hospital has closed its sections for investigations. Investigations are ongoing and we are afraid that UNRWA will establish a new situation for serving refugee patients outside the hospital.

4-       We call on UNRWA to reopen the Qalqiliya hospital immediately. We also call on  UNRWA to improve the health services provided to refugees in the West Bank by opening new hospital in each city AS refugees have difficulty to accesses  health services as a result of the checkpoints established by Israeli  occupation.

5-      - The continued closure of the only hospital in Qalqiliya for   more than ten days affects the health level of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, and UNRWA bears full responsibility for any repercussions resulting from this closure.


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