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  • 10:33 - 25 July 2017

Palestinian Refugees Close UNRWA Headquarter in Gaza to protest outage

Gaza, (DRAH.ps)-- Dozens of Palestinian refugees gathered for the second consecutive day in front of the western gate of UNRWA headquarter  in Gaza.

They  condemn continuation of the siege, the worsening of the electricity crisis and the Agency's failure to meet their demands.

The sit-in comes as  the Popular Committee for Refugees in Gaza demand UNRWA  to assume its responsibilities towards the refugees in light of the economic and living conditions caused by the continued siege on the Gaza Strip.

 The Popular Committees had held a sit-in and closed the gate of "UNRWA" yesterday for several hours and threatened to escalate protests against "UNRWA" in the event of failure to respond to their demands.


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