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  • 07:54 - 5 July 2017

KRCS reiterates eagerness to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The needs of the Palestinian refugees’ are enormous and much efforts need to be exerted, KRCS’s SecretaryGeneral Maha Al-Barjas told KUNA after a meeting with officials of the Palestinian Red Crescent in Lebanon.The meeting was held in Al-Beddawi camp for Palestinian refugees north of the Lebanon.Al-Barjas noted that Kuwait’s relief efforts are extended to the Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, aswell as to Lebanese families.The KRCS will support the Palestinian counterpart to provide the urgent medical needs of the Palestinianrefugees. she said.Over the coming two month. the KRCS will offer bread to 2,000 Palestinian and Syrian refugee families inLebanon, as part of a project the society launched in 2011, she added.On his part, Director General of the Palestinian society, Dr. Samer Shehada voiced optimism over cooperationwith the KRCS. lauding the latter’s leading role for helping the refugees and the needy.Today’s meeting focused on the framework of working together in Lebanon. to help refugees in the country, headded.The two sides also discussed supporting the five hospitals the Palestinian society administers in different parts ofthe country. They have concluded an initial agreement on the form of backing over the coming period.Lebanon hosts up to 400,000 Palestinian refugees at 12 camps.On Friday, the KRCS and the Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) signed two agreements to provide drinking water forthe Syrian refugees, and to help those who are suffering renal disease in east Lebanon’s Bekaa. (end) ayb.msa


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