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  • 15:35 - 21 June 2017

Hamas: Palestinian right of return is basic human right refugees

Gaza,(Alresala.ps)-- The Office of Refugee Affairs of the Islamic Resistance Movement " Hamas” stressed Tuesday that the Palestinian right of return is a basic human right guaranteed by all international laws and resolutions.

 In its statement issued on the World Refugee Day, the Office said that the Palestinian refugees’ humanitarian condition has sharply deteriorated in light of the decrease of UNRWA’s services in its five fields of operations.

 UNRWA is responsible for providing Palestinian refugees with all their necessary needs including shelter, medicine, food, and education till their return to their homeland, the statement reads.

 The Office called on the international community to bear its responsibility towards the Palestinian refugees' issue, urging the host countries particularly Lebanon to provide Palestinian refugees with their civil, social, and humanitarian rights


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