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  • 11:44 - 3 June 2017

Hamas calls for halting Ain al-Hilweh wall construction

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The representative of Hamas Movement in Lebanon, Ali Baraka, called on the Lebanese authorities to stop the construction of the wall around Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp which was started last year for claimed security reasons. 

In his meeting with the Grand Mufti of Lebanon Dr. Abdel Latif Darian in Dar al-Fatwa in Beirut on Wednesday, Baraka called for building bridges of brotherhood and unity between Palestinian refugee camps and the cities around them. Baraka was escorted by member of Hamas Political Bureau, Abu al-Abed Mashhour, and official of Hamas political relations in Lebanon, Ziyad Hassan. The Hamas leader affirmed his Movement’s keenness to achieve civil peace in Lebanon and to boost good Palestinian-Lebanese relations.  Darian promised to contact Lebanese officials in order to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian refugees and guarantee them a decent life until their return to their homeland, Palestine.    About 80,000 Palestinians, who live in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon, are worried about the consequences of the establishment of the wall which is 6 meters high. 


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