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  • 08:39 - 3 June 2017

Hamas urges UNRWA to cease intimidation against its staff members

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Hamas called on Wednesday evening on UNRWA to cease its threats and intimidation against its workers on account of their political positions.

 A statement by Hamas Office for Refugee Affairs urged UNRWA to backtrack on its threats to kick out or penalize workers over their political affiliations.

 Hamas further appealed to UNRWA to stop altering school curricula in favor of the "Israeli-American imperialist projects". The group referred to the adaptation of the geographical terminology as a proof of such hidden schemes.

 Hamas urged the agency and the international community to assume their duties regarding the refugees' cause without bias or politicized agenda.

 The resistance movement described UNRWA’s pressure on Palestinian staff members an attempt to force them to opt for “neutral political positions” which contravenes the UN resolutions and the human rights conventions, which guarantee the right to the freedom of expression and political affiliations.



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