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  • 12:44 - 23 April 2017

Popular Refugee Committee in Gaza Demands UNRWA to Assume its Role in Power outage

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)_The crisis of power outage has been aggravating since last Sunday in the besieged Gaza Strip  after the only  power station has stopped due to running out of the fuel donated by Turkey and Qatar. Moreover, the PA imposes taxes on the artificial fuel needed for the power station, which causes  dangerous repercussions on all life sectors in the Gaza Strip.

We, in the Popular Refugee Committee in Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City, and in light of our moral responsibility and our position to defend the Palestinian refugees, stress the following:

1-      We are  seriously concerned of the disastrous consequences of the continuation of the siege and  the electricity crisis in refugee camps,  as this situation negatively affect the services  provided to refugees, especially the health care.

2-      We stress that Palestinian refugees in refugee camps have nothing to do with any political dispute as they are the most-damaged people.

3-      We hold UNRWA  responsible for the continued power outages in refugees camps,  and we demand it to act urgently to end this crisis  to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

4-      We demand UNRWA to fulfill its obligations which comes  under the United Nations' Resolution 302 on relief and employment of  Palestinian refugees.

5-      We call upon the  Government of Al-Hamadullah to take into account the humanitarian situation of the refugees in the Gaza Strip and to fulfill  its responsibilities towards Gaza.

6-       We call on the national forces and Islamic factions to end the current crisis and pressure UNRWA to carry out its duties towards the refugees and their basic needs of life.

7-      We may be forced to escalate our protest in the coming days if UNRWA makes no response to our demands.

The Popular Committee for Refugees in Al-Shati Camp

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