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  • 16:10 - 29 March 2017

DRAH on Land Day: Right of Return nonnegotiable

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Division  Refugee Affairs in Hamas DRAH  stressed on Wednesday Palestinians’ commitment to return to their motherland—Palestine—and their readiness to make more sacrifices to restore their infringed rights and protect their holy sites.

 Speaking in a statement issued on the 41st anniversary of the Land Day, DRAH for Refugee Affairs said the occasion marks a watershed in the Palestinian anti-occupation struggle.

 DRAH reiterated Palestinians’ devotion to their inalienable right of return, which it said “shall never be turned into a bargaining chip nor be subject to the statute of limitations.”

 “Palestine is one and indivisible from the River to the Sea . . . . It is as fixed and nonnegotiable as the right to return is,” the statement further read.


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