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  • 13:10 - 26 March 2017

Adwan: UNRWA's Changes on Palestinian Curriculum is a Political violation

Gaza,(Alresalah.ps)— Chairman of Division refugees Affairs DRAH Essam Adwan stated that changes done by UNRWA on the Palestinian curriculum is a political violation.

He said that these changes are  clearly violating  the agreement signed with the Palestinian Authority which says that no changes of curriculum happen by UNRWA.

Adwan demanded the PA  to strongly oppose this violation and obligate UNRWA  to abide by the agreement.

 A lot of changes have been done to the Palestinian curriculum dedicated for 1-4 classes in primary school. The changes were justified by UNRWA as they contradict standards adopted by the agency such as gender and violence.

They did not refer to historical Palestine, and they refer to Jerusalem as the city of all religions,   not a capital for Palestine. They replaced it with  Palestinian cities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. UNRWA does not talk about  occupation or policies of demolition and  apartheid wall. By these changes, UNRWA wants to eliminate all features of the Palestinian cause  and move  the Palestinian students away from  the cause and concerns.

The manipulation of the Palestinian curriculum by UNRWA resulted in a big fuss as it attempted  to introduce amendments that clearly show UNRWA with no neutrality, and confirm that UNRWA  implements a policy  consistent with the views of the Israeli occupation, which objected several times on the Palestinian curriculum, claiming that it carries inflammatory content and racism.

These amendments to the new Palestinian curriculum are  dedicated for grades1-4 in primary school stage, and they obliterate the Palestinian identity and constants.

UNRWA claimed the amendments came in accordance with three issues including "gender-neutrality - violence." After analyzing the curriculum, The result was that there were no violent themes in the curriculum.

However,  UNRWA administration was not satisfied with this result and conducted another analysis of the curriculum.

It sent to Gaza special bulletins containing details that include deletions and modification of some subjects that are taught in topics such as (Islamic education, mathematics, national upbringing and Arabic language) for grades 1 to 4 of the basic stage .

 After reviewing the amendments, which exceeded 50, it was found that they bear political content in the first place. The historical map of Palestine was deleted from all the curriculum, Jerusalem was deleted and replaced by other cities. The names of the cities occupied in 1948 were replaced by the cities occupied in 1976. No mention was provided over  Palestinian captives, home demolition or the apartheid wall.

Moreover, they denied  the prisoner's day, the  connection to the Jordan Valley and the Palestinian heritage. They approved  mixing between boys and girls in contrary to traditions of the Palestinian people.

UNRWA has held workshops with dozens of teachers from its schools to train them and to inform them of the amendments required to comply with the text of the study.

We  tried to communicate with several responsible figures  in UNRWA's education department in the Gaza Strip, but all of them refused to comment on the issue claiming they are not authorized to speak or comment. Al-Resalah contacted  with UNRWA spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna several times but in vain.

Instructions by UNRWA were made for  teachers and supervisors of  UNRWA to comply with the new plan and whoever does not comply, he  would be transferred to investigation and will be fired.

It is not the first time for UNRWA to pass issues of political dimensions. For example,  In Jordan, it decided to re-teach the so-called "Holocaust" to  Palestine refugee students in 2012. It also canceled the map of historic Palestine in one of UNRWA school during  a visit by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in July last year, which caused a public anger at UNRWA administration. All of these attempts confirm that UNRWA operates according to a policy that is  biased to the Israeli occupation.


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