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  • 16:21 - 25 March 2017

DRAH Demands UNRWA to Retreat any modifications to Palestinian curriculum

  Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- Division Refugees Affairs-Hamas DRAH Demanded UNRWA to Retreat  any modifications to Palestinian curriculum. In a letter sent by DRAH to  Mr. Pierre Krähenbühl UNRWA Commissioner-General, the Division said Division Refugees Affairs in Hamas movement would like to express great concern over  UNRWA's adoption of a training material for schools' headmasters and  teachers in  UNRWA schools in the areas of the  Palestinian Authority, which would be applied to the textbooks of the elementary school stages of 1-4.

DRAH added that it  believes this procedure is a clear interference by UNRWA in political actions that have nothing to do with UNRWA's work, and it comes to satisfy  demands and interests of the Israeli occupation that has occupied our land and expelled our people from it.

It also added that UNRWA's reference is the United Nations,  not a donor country or the Israeli occupation that occupies  Palestine. Therefore,  UNRWA must not subject to any pressure or blackmail from any point of view that deviates its work  away from its basic objectives and its main  mandate it has been entrusted by the United Nations, which is  providing  relief and employment for the Palestinian refugees.

Consequently, DRAH urged  you to retreat any modifications to the Palestinian curriculum,  or any training for educational staff that deviate the Palestinian curriculum away from the Palestinian constants including the right of the return and resisting the occupation,  as this will maintain the stability of the situation and ensure the work of  UNRWA properly


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