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  • 12:14 - 21 March 2017

UNRWA Attempts to Turn Historical Facts of Palestinian Cause

 By Wissam Afifa

It seems that Attempts to produce the new Palestinian according the way of the US General Keith Dayton  who reshaped the Palestinian security services in the  occupied West Bank, have not stopped.

UNRWA has joined these attempts  through a brainwashing operation for the Palestinian pupils after the Palestinian Ministry of Education completed a new curriculum for classes 1-4.

UNRWA entrusted its  educational departments in the  five areas it operates in ,  to review and analyze the curriculum to ensure that it takes into account three issues Namely: violence gender  and neutrality.

Although the results of the systematic assessment in Gaza and the West Bank were positive, UNRWA carried out its own analysis. This makes us suspect that such procedure  was carried out in the intelligence chambers or in  the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The new  evaluation concluded that the textbook contains  a series of modifications, which will have our children stripped of their identity.

For example,  all maps of historical  Palestine were deleted , and all  references to Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state were also canceled.

Imagine that a lesson for the first grade pupils that provides an example of words that include Arabic letters, had provided the word Palestine as a word that contains the letter "ط" in Arabic. UNRWA was not satisfied with this example, so it replaced  the word Palestine "فلسطين " with the word "يقطين" pumpkin, that contains the same letter.

Another example of boys who practice the  popular dance of Dabka, UNRWA was not satisfied of that and conditioned to add girls to the dancers.

Moreover, when a lesson about weather mentions names of  Palestinian cities in occupied Palestine in 1948 such as  Tiberias and safad, UNRWA replace these names with names of cities in the occupied West Bank and Gaza respectively.

By this, UNRWA seeks to deprive us even of our memories about our occupied town in the historical Palestine, which is considered to be a blatant statement on our constants.

 Moreover, UNRWA objects to a lesson that displays a  scene  that depicts how Palestinian citezens receive  a freed prisoner.

UNRWA  turns  the truth into a fictional story where  people get  out to receive their  prince, as if they want to  beautify  the occupation's face. UNRWA   also removes a lesson about construction that shows  the steadfastness of the Palestinians in rebuilding their demolished home in the West Bank And Jerusalem.

UNRWA seeks to poison our cirruclum, and confronting this is our  responsibility, including  UNRWA's Education Director Farid Abu Aazra, the Minister of Education Sabri Sidem, as well as national factions, elites and  media.

What we can see is nothing but playing the role of the Israeli Coordinator for Regional Affairs by UNRWA , and such procedures remind us with the former Education Israeli Officer in Israeli Civil Administration of the Gaza strip in the 20th century.

If UNRWA persists to go on in these procedures,  it must be treated as a biased political  body not an international relief organization.


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