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  • 09:24 - 18 February 2016

Adwan: UNRWA tries to liquidate Refugees' issue

Gaza,(DRAH.ps)—Chairman of Division refugees Affair Hamas Essam Adwan stated that UNRWA starts  liquidation of the Palestinian refugees'  issue which will eliminate them from their  right of return  theoretically and practically.

 It is often said that Jordan is a substitute homeland for Palestinian refugees. In Jordan, the last population census in January 2016 revealed that 634 thousand Palestinians do not hold national figure in Jordan.

 The census did not mention the word "refugee" which reveals a sign of bad intentions.  More than 2 million Palestinians hold the Jordanian national number which means they became Jordanians and have no relations with Palestine. Moreover,  more than 1.5 million Palestinian refugees have been dropped from the lists of Palestinian refugees in Jordan.

the PLO and the Palestinian Authority are involved  with Jordan in this move as they did not object.

The Jordan's move is a dangerous one as it has been waited since long time by the  pro-Israeli countries.

In Syria, the number of Palestinian refugees has decreased from 560 thousand to 360 thousand due to the migration of two hundred thousand from Syria in search for safety.



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