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  • 08:52 - 25 July 2015

Activists ask Turkey to facilitate entry of Palestinians

Gaza, (DRAH.PS)-- A group of pro-Palestinian human rights activists have called on the Turkish authorities to work on ending the humanitarian suffering of the Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria to Turkey.

 This came in a press release issued by a team of activists working on documenting violations against the Palestinians around the world and published on Friday by the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria.

 The activists appealed to the Turkish president and his government to facilitate the entry of the Palestinians fleeing the ravages of the Syrian war to the country by granting them official entry visas.

 Their statement also urged all human rights groups inside and outside Palestine to intervene to stop all the violations which the Palestinian asylum seekers and refugees are exposed to by Turkish border officials and soldiers.

 The statement also demanded the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority embassy in Ankara to assume their responsibilities towards the Palestinian refugees, provide them with passports, and intervene with the Turkish authorities to facilitate their stay in the country.


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