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  • 06:37 - 21 July 2015

Syria's neighboring countries deny entry to Palestinian refugees

 Gaza,(DRAH.ps)-- The National Working Group for Palestinians in Syria has said that Syria's neighbouring countries continue to prevent the entry of Palestinian refugees fleeing the ongoing conflict in Syria despite the poor security situation there, putting their lives at risk.

The group said in a report issued on Sunday that the Jordanian authorities have prevented the entry of Palestinian refugees under any circumstances and has issued a formal decision in this regard.

The Lebanese authorities have also set conditions described by refugees as "impossible" to allow them to enter the country.

According to activists, only those with documents proving they have family members in Lebanon or appointments in European embassies can enter.

Meanwhile, the Turkish embassy in Beirut stopped issuing visas for Palestinian refugees two years ago, although some Turkish embassies in the Gulf countries continue to issue visas for Palestinians who have residency permits there.

Human rights activists believe that such actions endanger the lives of Palestinian refugees and contradict all international laws and norms relating to the protection of refugees during wars and crises.


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